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July 9: Saturday Night Special  
July 10: 21 Mile Race, 8 Mile Race
 & Lions Club Voyageur Canoe Race

Wisconsin River Race 2022




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For all races
Preregistration ONLY:
Online thru 6:00pm Saturday, July 9.
Onsite 3:00–3:40pm Saturday, July 9.

in WI & Nearby Places
Big 3 Challenge
Stock C1

Saturday Night Special

 - bonus solo race: canoe (USCA C1), kayak, SUP free for Sunday racers
Solo races, 4 miles loop course
Start & finish Muscoda's Victora Riverside Park
July 9, 2022
04:00 pm

Campsite #1, Victora Riverside Park, Muscoda

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm  A. Registration and check in for Saturday Race

                              B. Registration and check in for Sunday Race

3:40 pm  Mandatory safety briefing

4:00 pm  Race Start

Spring Green to Muscoda – 21 miles
Start: Wisconsin Riverside Resort, Shifflet Rd 
Finish: Muscoda's Victora Riverside Park
July 10, 2022
10:00 am

Racing Classes for the 21 mile race (men, women, & for tandem, mixed):

C2 Marathon (3x27 and USCA cruiser specs):  Any two-paddler,

     non-aluminum, racing canoe recognized by USCA.  

     Paddle type: single-bladed paddles only.

USCA C1: Any single-paddler racing canoe recognized by USCA.  

     Paddle type: single-bladed paddles only.

K1 Unlimited: Any solo kayak, including surf skis, without any limitation

     except paddle type: double-bladed paddles only.

Stock Canoe

SUP Unlimited

Wildcard: Any paddle powered craft that do not fit into any other

     class in the "Big 3" race events.  So: tandem kayaks, ICF spec

     canoes, outrigger canoes, boats with 3 or more paddlers, etc –

     but not solo kayaks, SUPs, USCA or "pro" (3x27) racing canoes.  
    Any paddle type.

8 Mile Races from Gotham - No day-of-race registration

 - 8-mile races for recreational tandem boats (canoe or kayak), recreational solo kayaks,
     and stand up paddleboards
Gotham to Muscoda – 8 miles
Start: Pine River/Buena Vista Landing 
Finish: Muscoda's Victora Riverside Park
July 10, 2022
11:00 am

Racing Classes for the Citizens Challenge Races:

Tandem:  Any recreational two person canoe or kayak (no craft designed
      for racing – "If it looks like a racing canoe or kayak, it is!").  Paddle type: any.

K1 Rec:  Any recreational kayak up to 15 feet in length, not including

     rudder (if any). Excluded, any short kayak clearly designed for racing,

     for example, ICF kayaks, ICF trainers, surfskis & USCA specified down-

     river kayaks;  such "racing" kayaks must compete in the K1 Unlimited

     class in the 21-mile race.  Paddle type: double-bladed paddles.

SUP Unlimited, solo: Any stand up paddleboard of any length, must

     be paddled entire length of course in standing position. Single-bladed paddles.

Lions Club Challenge
Citizens' Challenge Races
State Points
Safety & rules

Safety and rules

1.  United States Coast Guard approved PFD.

     All paddlers must either wear, or have in their boat within easy access, an appropriately-sized 

     US Coast Guard approved PFD (life jacket).   All paddlers under 18 years old and adults

     paddling with them must WEAR their USCG APPROVED PFDs at all times on the water.


2.  Important Safety Rules re Youth.

    a) 21-mile races: no solo paddlers under 18 years old.  No under-16s period. 
        16-17 year olds must paddle with a competent adult - 18 years or older - in the boat with them.

    b) 15-mile races: no paddlers under 16 years old.

    c)  8-miles: no solo paddlers under 16 years old.  No under-10s period.
        10-15 year olds must paddle with a competent adult - 18 years or older - in the boat with them.

Friends and Supporters

Special thanks to all who support the Wisconsin River Race: 

•  All our volunteers!

•  The Wisconsin Riverside Resort
In 2018 we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the "long race".
Since 1978, two generations of the Shifflet family at the Wisconsin Riverside Resort have graciously hosted the start location for the 21 mile race from Spring Green to Muscoda.

•  The Avoca – Blue River – Muscoda Lions Club
... who host and run the Lions Club Challenge and provide food at the race finish line area.  They also do great service throughout the year for the community.

Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway (FLOW)
... for their help providing a safety boat for the races, and for all their work to preserve and protect the wild beauty of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway which makes it such a joy to paddle. 

The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway
... for its work administering the 1989 Riverway legislation designed to preserve the "aesthetic integrity of the Riverway".  Mark Cupp, its Executive Director, has personally supported (and participated in) the event for a good many years.

Courses Map
Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.


Awesome Races in Nearby Places:



May 11:

46th Pewaukee Kiwanis River Run

   Koepp Park, Pewaukee to Frame Park,
  Waukesha, WI

May 18:

Bravado Challenge 2019

  (Triathlon: run, bike, paddle)

  Lapham Peak to Fox River County Park
  in Waukesha

June 15:

Paddle and Portage

  Madison, WI


Ix Ex: Ixonia’s Excellent

      Rock River Race at Ixonia, WI

      - BACK IN 2020


June 22:

 Callie Rohr Memorial Canoe Race

   Conover, WI


May 5:

Current Buster

  Pottawotamie Park, St Charles, IL


May 19:

62nd Des Plaines River Canoe, Kayak, and SUP  Marathon

  Libertyville to Mt Prospect, IL


June 2:

Mid-American Canoe Race

  St Charles to North Aurora, IL

June 9 (canceled for 2021):

Voyageur Landing

   Phone (847) 885-0836

      or email Kevin Bradley

   Elgin, IL

June XX - TBA

Fort Wayne Canoe and Kayak Races

   Fort Wayne, IN

June 30:

South Bend Paddlefest

   South Bend, IN

June 8:

Great Iowa River Race

   Iowa City, IA

June 8:

   Chippewa Triathlon
   Cass Lake, MN

June 9: (probably - TBA)

   Smilin’ Joe’s Mississippi Classic Canoe Race, near Cass Lake, MN

July 29

   Long Lake Lap

   Long Lake Beach, New Brighton, MN

July 30  

  Jensen Handicap
  Rum River,

  Anoka County Fairgrounds, MN

Awesome Races in Nearby Places:

JUL-AUG 2019

July 13

Wisconsin River Race Weekend

   Saturday Night Special solo races start

   and finish at Muscoda.

July 14

 Wisconsin River Race Weekend

   Spring Green, Lone Rock, &  Gotham,

     to Muscoda.
  Big 3 Challenge

      – multistate points competition

   Lions Club Challenge (not in 2021)

   Citizens’ Challenge Races


August 10:

Ojibwa Canoe Race

  Wannigan to Ojibwa, WI


Aug XX - TBA

Peshtigo River Race

   Peshtigo, WI

   - link to come.  Joe Johnson

                             (715) 938-5362

August 17

Race the Fox

   Berlin to Omro, WI

July 13: tba

Abe's River Race

   Petersburg, IL


July XX: TBA

   Pontiac River Race

   Pontiac, IL

July XX - TBA

Wabash River Canoe & Kayak Races

   Lafayette, IN

July XX - TBA

Three Rivers Race and Festival

   Fort Wayne, IN

July XX: - TBA

Mill Creek Community Lions Club

      Paddlefest Canoe Race

   Fish Lake, IN

Aug XX - TBA

Paddle to the Max

   Culver, IN

July XX or XX - check web site

Paddlefest Clear Lake

   Clear Lake, IA

July XX - TBA

Mixed Round Robin

   Grand Rapids, MN

July 12-13

Big Ole Supathon

   Alexandria, MN

Awesome Races in Nearby Places:

SEP-OCT 2019


Sept XX:

Vic Hopp Memorial Race

   Wheeling, IL.
Sept XX

Fox River Fall Classic

   St Charles, IL.


Sept XX

Ride the Wave Regatta

   Michigan City, IN

Sept XX

St Joe River Race

   South Bend, IN

Oct 1-3

Tour du Teche

   Port Barre to Berwck, LA

Other races
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